Life Saving System (LSS) is the most important and essential part of the facility, required for any cleanroom facility with safety concerns of any kind. Process safety plays most vital role in any plant as in addition to the administrative safety policies, Safety of the process equipment’s and facilities also contributes significantly in the operations. Some of major LSS Packages catered are:

Fire Detection System

  • Heat Sensors
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Multi-sensing detectors
  • Laser Detectors
  • UV/IR Detectors for high hazard areas such as flammable gas storage.
  • In high precision cleanrooms, Aspirating type smoke detection can also be used.

Fire Detection System

  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Wet Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge systems (For high hazard areas)

Fire Hydrant System

  • Electrical Fire Pumps
  • Diesel engine driven Fire Pumps
  • Jockey pumps (For pressurization)
  • Complete Underground / over ground piping
  • Fire Cabinets with Hose reel and Nozzles
  • Fire Hydrant Posts

Gas based Fire suppression System

Critical cleanroom facilities such as semiconductor industries need fire suppression system other than water based as the process equipment’s and products used in cleanroom are electronic and prone to short circuit issues. Hence specialized gas suppression system will be used in such cases where upon fire detection (either automatic or manual); Fire suppression system releases an inert gas into the cleanrooms wit approved oxygen levels in the gas so that fire can be suppressed while no damage can be done to the human beings. However, it is strongly advised to vacate the vicinity in case of fire alarm. Some such Gas suppression systems are NOVAC, FM-200, HALON, etc.

Gas Detection System

Bulk and specialty gases are used in significant amount in some of the cleanroom plants such as semiconductor facilities. In such plants, there will be an extensive amount of piping distribution system with Gas Cabinets, Gas Panels, Regulators, etc., right from the source till the multiple points of use. To ensure process and personnel safety from any accidental leakage of these gases, a high precision Gas detection system will be implemented based on the gases being used. These detectors are programmed in turn with a controller so that in case of any gas leak detection, Alarm will be initiated and also the source of the gas will be cut-off.

Safety Interlocks

Various interlocks can be deployed to ensure personnel safety in case of any emergency arising in the cleanroom facility such as:

  • In case of Fire detection, All Access controlled doors are automatically opened to enable speedy evacuation.
  • Upon fire detection, AHUs can be tripped off so as to avoid smoke getting recirculate to connected rooms.
  • Strobe lamps can be used to identify the area of fire detection for speedy action.
  • Fire detection can trigger close off of Fire dampers in the HVAC System
  • Fire detection system can automatically trigger suppression / sprinkler system.
  • UV/IR Detectors at bulk gas storage yards to detect and initiate fire evacuation plan and activate any suppression system.