Electrical system has been one of the core competences of SM ENTERPRISES in their turnkey solutions journey as it becomes essential part of the scope of works due to its inter-dependency. Electrical system shall be designed in such a way that the Cleanroom systems can be run uninterruptedly for round-the-clock operations of facilities and also to provide required power for the Process Equipment’s. The design process starts from identifying the power distribution requirements of the customer and charting a final power distribution schematic which once upon approval will be taken for detailed engineering to provide the desired turnkey solutions. Major works packages in electrical systems, but not limited to, can be:

  • Load requirement analysis and calculations.
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Incoming power Substation works
  • HV, MV and LV distribution Panels
  • Power distribution up to the socket level
  • Complete cabling works
  • DG Sets
  • APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction) Panels.
  • Complete Cleanroom lighting
  • Internal and external lighting works